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Interior painting

When it comes to preparing for interior painting, we are meticulous about the process from start to finish by cleaning and smoothing the walls and protecting your space from any spills. Whether residential or commercial our interior services for room painting include cabinetry, shelving, ceilings, hallways, pantries, and more.

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Exterior painting

If your commercial or residential space needs a little outside TLC, let our experts breathe new life into your home, garage, sheds, barns, shutters, trim, and so much more with a fresh coat of paint. Our team is eager to make your biggest projects become a reality.

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Additional services

Our Pro1 Painting team cares about all the intricacies that make your space feel unique and aligned with your standards. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond simply painting projects; we also specialize in drywall repair, wood rot replacement, pressure washing, and so much more.

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Additional Services


1. Color matching

Choosing the perfect color or matching a current shade as seamlessly as possible can be tricky. Our Pro 1 Painting team will guide you with our color matching services to simplify any color selection complexity.

2. Drywall mudding

Our team is on hand to provide the necessary drywall installation and repairs. From everyday wear and tear over time to unanticipated water damage, we’ve got you covered.

3. Steel stud install

Steel studs are the best selection for quality, versatility, and affordability when it comes to supporting your home or facility walls. You can count on us to prepare the metal studs, secure frames, and drywall as required, so you can be proud of the four walls you call your own.

4. Additional carpentry

Professional carpentry services begin with us. Quality is found in the finer details, and our flooring services extend to baseboard replacement and installation, retexturing, and more.


1. Brick limewashing

Love your brick home, but not the color? Limewashing is a great, durable alternative to permanently painting your exterior walls. Not only visually modern but limewashing can help preserve your brick from moisture buildup.

2. Garage floor painting

Transform your garage floor with a fresh paint job. Protect your garage from unsightly oil spills and dirt that accumulate over time with a sleek, clean look.

3. Deck and fence painting/staining

Did you know your deck needs refinishing every 2 to 3 years to prolong its luster and prevent moisture from decaying the wood? Let us paint or stain your deck and fence to capture the vibrancy of your home.

4. Pressure washing

Our pressure washing service can refresh your property and make it look as good as new. Get rid of years’ worth of buildup with just one wash – from grime, mold, and oil to peeling paint.

5. Wood rot replacement

Wood is classic and timeless, but unfortunately, not always invulnerable to the elements. We’ll work with you to restore your rotten wood and bring it back to life.

See How We’ve Been Transforming Spaces

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